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Goodwood International is a strategist for the Asia-Pacific wood industry.  Our mission is to enhance the fair trade of sustainably-managed wood products. In short, we help to connect responsible producers with the retail market.


At Goodwood International, we specialise in the trading of tropical wood in the form of sawn timber, decking, screening, plywood and prefabricated structures.  

Not just a sales agency, we work directly with suppliers to develop sustainable production strategies.Transparency in wood sourcing has been fundamental to our growth. We know that by getting our suppliers to understand the critical importance of sustainable production, we are able to deliver a legally-bonafide and ethical product to our buyers. In this way, we have been able to develop a proven, robust and reliable distribution model for the long-term. 

Our premium brand partners are located in the temperate areas of Indonesia, Fiji, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and South America. Together, we manage more than 2 million hectares of tropical rainforests around the world. We are proud to our represent these brands which have earned their status through innovation, reliable supply and exceptional quality. Despite ever-changing geopolitical demands, our suppliers have consistently exceeded customer expectations. 

Now that's what we call good wood!


Compliance and Sustainability

For suppliers, we can assist with obtaining the necessary certifications to crack your target market. In addition, we can connect you with the appropriate regulatory bodies and auditors needed to achieve your goals.

Product Sourcing and Acquisition

We only search for premium wood products from verified, renewable sources so that we can guarantee our customers with a steady stream of goods. Whatever your demand, rest assured that we can supply you with high-quality stock for the long term. 

Sales & Marketing

Drive your product to the end consumer with our experienced, in-house sales and marketing team. This service is highly customised to suit each individual business. Previously we have assisted our customers with packaging design, promotions, POS advertising and trade shows - to name a few!




Sinardeckā„¢ is a premium-quality hardwood decking product manufactured by the Sinar Wijaya Group of Indonesia, which is available in Merbau. A naturally beautiful tropical species, Merbau (Kwila) is extremely stable, very dense and offers a brilliant deep brown or reddish brown appearance. 

Fiji Mahogany


Fiji Mahogany's beauty and durability makes it the superior choice for decking and privacy screen construction. Its outstanding weathering properties and natural durability against rot has been known for centuries and is considered widely as one of the most stable commercial timbers available.


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